Consulting process
1. On-line Consultation
For on-line consultation, the patient needs to send us an e-mail with his/her enquiry and the photos (for face, we need the photos taken from the front and both sides). Our dermatologist or plastic surgeon examines the photos and recommend the best treatments and all the information including price, required period of stay and etc.
2. Reservation
Once the patient receives the on-line consultation and decides to visit Arumdaun Nara, he/she needs to make an appointment for the consultation and the surgery through e-mail or over the phone.
3. Consultation
Welcome to Arumdaun Nara! As soon as the patient visit Arumdaun Nara, he/she can have an expert consultation with dermatologist or plastic surgeon and English-speaking coordinator. Once the patient decides to have a treatment, he/she makes a payment before the surgery.
4. Treatment
The patient is fully informed with check-list and instructions in advance of treatment. Our dermatologist or Plastic surgeon performs the best and the safe treatments with latest equipments.
5. After Care Service
The patient is fully informed with the instructions for post-treatment care. We take full responsibility for the result. After the patient goes back to his/her country, we check his/her satisfaction, the progress of recovery via e-mail or over the phone.
Contact information for consultation and reservation