• Arumdaun Nara Dermatology
  • Winkles
  • Scars
  • Acne Scar
  • hyperhidrosis
  • Pores
  • Fat
  • Pigmentation
  • Hair removal
  • Medical Skincare
Laser Treatment for Hair removal
  • The system emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin, to the hair follicle, where it is absorbed. Upon absorption, the energy is transformed into heat, which can disable the follicle, while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.
Apogee laser
  • Apogee laser effectively removes hair by destroying pilar cyst with long pulse of 40mm seconds without damaging the skin surface.
    It is proven effective for Asian’s permanent hair removal.

Light Sheer laser
  • The LightSheer Laser System offers high powers and both short and very long pulses to safely and effectively eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body including forehead and mustache.

    • This treatment can treat following conditions eliminates hair from all parts of the body including the cheeks, legs, arms, underarms, and back, as well as sensitive areas like mustache and bikini line.
    evens the skin texture.
    • Benefits of this treatment promises permanent hair removal.
    minimal Treatment time
    destroys only targeted pilar cyst while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.
    • Treatment time Laser treatment takes for about 1 hour.
    (Treatment time depends on the treated area, skin color and treatment progress).
    • Recovery period Light shower is allowed on the treatment day but sauna, hot bath and swimming are not allowed for 1 week.