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Medical Skincare
  • Arumdaun Nara Dermatology provides personalized skincare programs for every patient after individuals consult a dermatologist. Our dermatologists would carefully examine each individual and prescribe an aesthetic program such as whitening, wrinkle care, elastic care, moisturizing, pore-refining, and etc.
Arumdaun Nara’s Medical Skincare Best 5
Crystal Peeling
A delicate dermabrasion using fine crystals removes the thin, outer skin layer and keratin. The crystal peeling has both skin renewal and anti-aging effects.
Snail Care
Increases collagen production level and elasticity in the skin. Chonodroitin Sulfate, the primary substance in snail care, has been proven to be effective in cell-renewal. Recommended for those with damaged skin tissues and acne marks and scars.
Ionzyme uses electrophoresis to elevate permeation capability 400 times its original level. This process allows nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, retinol (vitamin A), vitamin E (anti-aging agent), β-carotene, AHA to penetrate horny layer to obtain a healthy skin. Ionzyme protects and restores young, elastic, healthy-looking skin; effective for treating melasma and pigmentation.
Brew Rice Wine Care
Brew Rice Wine is Korean traditional wine made by fermenting the rice. Rice contains a lot of ingredients that are good for brightening and moisturizing. In Korea, there is even this remedy that washing their face with used water from washing rice gives transparent and clear skin. Arumdaun Nara extracts the best ingredients and penetrates into the skin using ultrasonic waves. This beloved skincare is especially good for moisturizing and brightening and immensely popular with foreign customers.
Oxygen Peeling
As people age, the oxygen density within the skin decreases and slows down metabolism – which leads to aging. Oxygen Peeling delivers oxygen to the skin (vitamin C); an effective way of dermabrasion, eliminating waste matters, improving blood circulation, speeding the process of cell-renewal and whitening.
Snail Care, Placenta Care, Velvet Care, Propolis Care
Vital Iont, Ionzyme, Oxygen Peeling
Scaling, Oxygen Peeling, Acne Care
Electric Peeling, Crystal Peeling
M2 Peptide, Pumpkin Peeling
  • - More than 50 customized program is available.
  • - Treatment time takes only for 1 hour ~ 1.5 hour.
  • - After receiving medical skincare, a patient can immediately go back to his/her normal activities.